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Limited Companies

Quick Access Company Formations Limited Companies

Forming a Limited Company the Quick Access way.

There are three ways of forming a Limited Company

First you can form it yourself, which is probably the hardest and most expensive method.

Secondly you can form it in conjunction with a Formation Agent, which is a reasonable method, but time consuming, as documents have to pass backwards and forward between yourselves and the agents, causing delays.

Or thirdly, and the best, you can leave it in the hands of QUICK ACCESS FORMATIONS, to incorporate the company for you.

QUICK ACCESS FORMATIONS can form a company with your own chosen name, or if you are in a hurry, choose from a considerable number of readymade Limited Companies for instant transfer to you on completion of the paperwork.

Quick Access Company Formations Ready Made Companies


When you require your company immediately, we can help as we have a large number of Ready Made Limited Companies which can be transferred to you in a matter of minutes. If you complete the ORDER FORM, and submit it with your Credit Card details via our secure transaction method, we will ensure that the whole package is sent immediately.

Quick Access Company Formations Formed with your own name companies


Where you require your Own Limited Company name, you can check it out FREE with the COMPANIES HOUSE REGISTER. Once we have agreed your name, enter it directly onto the ORDER FORM. Your Limited Company will be sent to you within 7 working days.

Quick Access Company Formations Public Limited Companies


For the person who requires the ultimate Company, there is the Public Limited Company. Because of the regard in which these companies are held they have to be substantial in their own right. To do this, the Company must have an authorised share capital of £50,000 of which 25% must be paid up. Therefore, the minimum initial investment in a PLC is £12,500.

Quick Access Company Formations Same day company formation


If you need your company urgently and want it to have your own choice of name from its inception, we can supply a Company to fit your requirement. When we receive you Credit Card order, your company will be dispatched to you within 24 hours. Owing to the fact that Companies House deal on a priority basis, the Duty charged by them is £100, which is reflected in our price.

Quick Access Company Formations how do you order


Go to straight to our ORDER FORM NOW!

Quick Access Company Formations forms you will need 287 and 288a


Each of the forms you receive plays a specific role in administering a Limited Company.

Registered Officean address to which all legal and statutory correspondence can be sent. For the purpose of speed, our Companies will always be formed with our address as the Registered Office. To enable this to be changed, you will have to complete FORM 287 to register the change. If it is a problem finding a location to register, for a small fee you can use Quick Access Formation’s address. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to complete the form. Please click on the logo below to download    

Subscribersevery Company must always have a shareholder. To enable Companies to be formed quickly we use our own nominee subscribers whose names appear in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. On the transfer of the Company, forms are completed to transfer the shares to the nominated Shareholders.

DirectorThere must be at least one Director. For the purposes of speed, all of our Companies are formed using a nominee as the First Director of the Company. On its transfer to you, this nominee Director will resign and the name of your chosen Director will be entered in its stead. There can be more than one Director, although only one will take over from the First Director and others may be appointed by the submission of FORM 288a.

Company Secretaryevery Limited Company must have a Company Secretary. A Director can also act as Company Secretary except in the case of a Sole Director. So that the Company can be formed quickly, we use a registrar of the Formation Agency to act as the Company Secretary. On its transfer, the nominee Company Secretary will resign and the name of the chosen Secretary will be entered in its stead. You will have to complete a FORM 288a to register the change. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to complete the form. Please click on the logo below to download    


Quick Access Company Formations

Prices cover your own choice of Standard Main Objects Clause, six personalised and bound copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Combined Register, Certificate of Non-Trading, Stock Transfer Forms, First & Second Minutes and Forms 224 & 88 (2).

Quick Access Company Formations Cost of a basic company

Cost of basic company:

£85 + VAT
Quick Access Company Formations cost of a public limited company Cost of PLC: £190 + VAT
Optional extras
Quick Access Company Formations change of main objects Change of main objects
(for a readymade)
£20 + VAT
Quick Access Company Formations Increase in Authorised Capital Increase in Authorised Capital
(for a readymade)
£20 + VAT
Quick Access Company Formations Carriage in UK Carriage in UK Free
Quick Access Company Formations Carriage (Europe) Carriage (Europe) £30 + VAT
Quick Access Company Formations Carriage (Worldwide) Carriage (Worldwide) £45 + VAT


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